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Purchasing Services

As an adjunct to our primary manufacturing operations, we also assist our customers with locating and qualifying other China based factories and suppliers.  Because we aggregate the purchases of many customers, we often can provide cost advantages over working directly with a given factory.  We also apply the same stringent quality control standards to all approved sub-contractors – the same standards we follow in our own factory.  Our quality control team assures that every shipment – regardless of supplier – meets your quality standards.

We are experts in supplier development.  We work with handpicked suppliers to align their manufacturing process and systems to meet your quality and delivery requirements.

We know China.  We know who the top tier manufacturers and enjoy long standing relationships with them.  We help you get past all of the trading companies trying to convince you that they are the actual manufacturer.

Our purchasing services are totally transparent.  We will take you to our handpicked manufacturing partners, introduce you to the management and let you decide for yourself if we are the right partner to manage your other China based suppliers.  We are confident that you will find that our price is competitive and the service unequaled.

Purchasing services also includes our full logistics support and consolidation services.  We can make sourcing from multiple suppliers manageable by consolidating shipments in our warehouse.  By combing shipments from various suppliers, you can reduce on hand inventory to what is actually needed, resulting in significant improvement to your ROI.

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