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Products & Industries Served

Below is a brief overview of the industries we serve and some of the products we make for them.  Many of our customers are well know OEM manufacturers.  We make component parts that are used in assembling their respective products.  For example, we make plastic injected moulded parts and rubber moulded parts for a well known U.S. heavy truck manufacturer.  These parts include headlight mounts, hood latches, rubber boots, etc.  We make an aluminum plenum that is a critical part of a well know line of water heaters.  We make die cast aluminum parts for a well know materials management companies personal forklift machine.

To facilitate JIT manufacturing, we also use a network of public warehouses to inventory parts near our customers factories.  This allows the manufacturer to enjoy competitive pricing from our offshore plants but not need to inventory parts for their production lines.

Some of the products we manufacturer are made for companies selling to the retail home improvement store channel and large discount department stores.  In many cases, we make the entire product for these marketers, including the retail packaging.  These companies generally buy in full container loads and ship to the retail stores they serve.

  • Automotive – plastic injection moulded parts & rubber moulded parts
  • Major Appliances – aluminum castings
  • Home Improvement – railings, window air conditioner mounts, self-damping chimney covers.
  • Playground Equipment – rubber safety fall mats
  • Material Handling – die cast parts for personal forklift machine
  • Site Amenities – cast aluminum waste cans for public area; cast aluminum park bench
  • Leisure Products – sand anchor for beach umbrellas
  • Hardware – bearings, bolts, nuts, etc.
  • Oil Patch Parts – penetrating charge carriers for drilling

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