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Factories in Qingdao, China and U.S. office in Atlanta, GA. Nu-Tide is a full service manufacturer

Will Sick Days Become the Next Source of Contention at My Company?While an annual 5-10 paid sick days off has been the long held norm in many companies, this post-COVID world has been forcing many to reexamine what really makes in sense in this constantly changing work environment.Current CDC recommendations state that after infection persons should self-quarantine for at least five days. That means just getting infected once, or even twice, could be the difference between being able to stay home with a cold, flu, or other reasonable health concern or having to tough it out at the risk of themselves and co-workers. But for most businesses, already dealing with a thinly spread work force, giving more paid time off for sick leave may seem next to impossible.For Nu-Tide, safety goes beyond creating a quality product for our customers; it means a safe environment for our employees. Curious to see how working with a company that makes safety a priority in everything they do can benefit your company? Check out our website at or give us a call today! See MoreSee Less
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"85% of small businesses are concerned about the impact of inflation, and 67% have raised prices to cope."– Data taken from the MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business IndexWhile many businesses are raising prices to fight off inflation from forcing them to close their doors, some business’ owners report that the the hike in price they pass on to customers is often too little too late in comparison with the costs they absorb everyday.How can small companies keep from pushing their customers over the edge, while still not being backed into a corner by rising costs from their suppliers? In many cases it takes a hard look at suppliers. But how can a company know if they have a quality supplier? One way is by looking at that suppliers’ other partnerships. Nu-Tide Industrial has been in business for over two decades, and has enjoyed long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships. Curious to see what a long-standing partnership could mean for your business? Visit our website, or give us a call today! See MoreSee Less
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What can your business do to weather current market conditions?A recent journal gave three practical tips to help others weather uncertain market conditions. They were, (1) building up in-house liquid assets, (2) reducing unnecessary spending and (3) being willing to be flexible when possible. While much of that just sounds like common sense, many of those whom we meet do seem to struggle with taking a balanced approch to their business. Many seem caught trying to straddle a fence of not panicking while at the same time not simply pretending everything aaround them is business as usual. At Nu-Tide Industrial, one of our basic keys to success has simply been using good, common sense to navigate such difficult issues. Curious to see what a sensible partner could look like for your business? Give us a call or check out our website today! See MoreSee Less
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Do I Know Who I Am Working With?A question that most may ask as they start a new job becomes ever more relevant as an increasing amount employees continue to work remotely with little-to-no in person time spent with co-workers. While the work environment is becoming increasingly more distant, employees need connections in their company for corporate, personal and even emotional growth. One journal pointed out several excellent tips to further relations at a company despite being connected virtually. Some that we have had success with were as follows…(1) Intentionally create opportunities to make and maintain new relationships. (2) Take full advantage of any in-person time, whether that’s in the office or after work. (3) Try to keep the camera on during video conferences.At Nu-Tide, working smoothly via remote connections has always been a priority. Regardless of whether that’s for our in-house connections, or our partners scattered across the nation, regular video calls and personal emails help keep us connected. Curious to see how easy it is to stay connected to Nu-Tide Industrial? Check out our website, or give us a call! A Nu-Tide representative would be happy to reach out at a time convenient for you. See MoreSee Less
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How Can I Plan for a Recession I Can’t See?Many businesses are struggling with everyday decisions like, whether to higher on or let go, and whether to cut salaries or give out bonuses. And much of this stems from the fear of constantly hearing "recession" at every turn, while dealing with one the most booming labor markets.How can you plan for something most businesses cannot even feel right now? Experts agree, while the signs of the economic situation are murky, the best plan of action it to not panic. What "not panicking" means for each business is different. But for Nu-Tide it means continuing to do our part to serve our partners with regular lead times, keep our people motivated, and offer the best rates and services we are able to. Curious to see what a company not in panic mode can do for your business? Give us a call or visit our website today! See MoreSee Less
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July 29, 2021  Shipping Update

As many of you know already, shippers are experiencing significant delays in transportation of ocean freight, rail and truck deliveries.  Nu-Tide actively monitors the freight movements of our customers shipments and works to alleviate delays.  In addition to ocean freight delays, we are now seeing significant delays moving containers to rail for overland delivery.  When the rail shipment arrives, in some cases delays are compounded by back logs in the arrival rail yard.

Nu-Tide maintains a U.S. customer staff to monitor freight and help expedite deliveries for our customers.  If your current offshore suppliers are not meeting your needs, please call us for a free consultation.  You can send an inquiry through our website.

March 26, 2020 Production Update

We continue to ramp up production for our North American customers with containers shipping weekly.  For the latest status of shipments, please contact our U.S. office at 678-297-2653

February 14, 2020 – Coronavirus Update

We are happy to report that Nu-Tide staff is back to work after the new year’s break.  We have taken measures to protect our staff from the current coronavirus outbreak.  We are also working hard to mitigate the impact of the current situation on our North American customer’s supply chains.  One of the keys to keeping our customers in-stock on vital products for their supply chain is our U.S. warehousing of customer products.

If you would like to learn more about how Nu-Tide can help you gain a competitive advantage through offshore manufacturing and domestic inventory support, please fill out the convenient contact form on the “Contact Us” page.

November 30, 2018 – Nu-Tide Offers Products for Oil Drilling Industry

Nu-tide manufacturers a full line of penetrating charge cases for the oil drilling industry.

November 12, 2018 – Nu-Tide Equipment List Posted

We recently added a page to our website listing our manufacturing equipment.  As you will note, Nu-Tide operates a wide range of presses, injection and molding machines.  You can find the equipment list under the Manufacturing drop down menu on our home page.

July 26, 2018 Nu-Tide promotes Rachel Smith to Sales & Customer Service Manager for North America

Nu-Tide is pleased to have Rachel Smith heading up our sales and customer service for North America. Rachel is already a familiar name to most of our key customers. She started in our accounting department, then took on the customer service role. In her new role, she will manage Nu-Tide’s independent reps and will personally manage the relationship with key accounts.

July 9, 2018 Nu-Tide Announces Precision Tooling Division

Nu-Tide is proud to announce the availability to our North American customers our precision tooling services. We offer tooling for a wide variety of manufacturing operations, metal stamping, die making, plastic injection moulding, rubber moulding, and much more.

For a quote on your tooling requirements, please send your RFQ through our inquiry box on this page.

Welcome to Nu-Tide Industrial LLC. We are happy to have you visit our website. Before you leave, why not drop us a line in the "Contact Us" section and a real person would be happy to follow up and assist you!