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Chinese offshore manufacturing officeSince 1993, Nu-Tide has provided industry-leading offshore contract manufacturing and buying services to customers worldwide. Here at Nu-Tide, we have one goal – to make offshore manufacturing and buying as easy as buying from any domestic supplier. We take the mystery out of importing. Our U.S. staff understand your needs and handles all of the communication with our China based engineers, project managers and shipping department. This balance of genuine customer serviceadvanced manufacturing offered at competitive pricing, plus other key factors joined together is what we like to call the “Nu-Tide Advantage.” Watch the following two minute video to see what else the Nu-Tide Advantage has to offer, and what it can do for your company!

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Our Products & Services:

  1. Metal Die Casting
  2. Plastic Injection Moulding
  3. Rubber Moulding
  4. Assembly
  5. Professional Purchasing Staff
  6. Internal Quality Control Department
  7.  Internal Engineering Staff

Our U.S. customer service staff is located in Atlanta, GA., When you work with Nu-Tide for your China manufacturing and purchasing requirements, there is no need for late night or early morning phone calls to China. You can simply call our U.S. staff during your normal business hours. Our U.S. staff manages the entire import process for you, prototype or sample production, engineering questions, purchase order processing, payment, customs clearance and delivery to your dock door.  We make offshore manufacturing and buying simple!

We have also simplified the financial aspect of offshore manufacturing and purchasing. You no longer need to wire funds to China. We have eliminated this expensive and time consuming process for our customers by allowing them to remit payment to our U.S. bank account with via company check or wire transfer.[1]

We are eager to demonstrate the “Nu-Tide Advantage.” If you would like further information on our range of services and confidential customer references, please call or email. We look forward to explaining how Nu-Tide can help you tap into the competitive advantage of offshore manufacturing and buying without the internal overhead and expense of dedicated staff to manage it!

[1] Open account credit and credit limit subject to review and approval by Nu-Tide financial department.

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